Configurator Help


…We understand that this is something very different, but give it a try, you may find the experience and our furniture pretty amazing…

We think ELINIC is the revolution in furniture buying. After all, this may be the only source to find that exact furniture piece or set that you are looking for.

ELINIC Configurator:

STEP 1 - Select the type of project that you are looking for.

STEP 2 – Here, we suggest some standard layouts and “idea” layouts. Don’t worry if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for – just select the design closest to the one you like. Even if you only need a single bookshelf, just pick the layout that has one - on the next step you will have full flexibility to pick the exact functionality and quantity.

STEP 3 - On this step we offer you various types of components that can be used in the layout from STEP 2 (tall slim, tall wide, low slim, wall units …). You can add, remove or ignore the suggested components. Now, go into each component and select the functionality you would like and of course… your desired dimensions.

STEP 4 - Back on the layout screen - Click on the large “Materials and Handles” button, make your selections and click SAVE.

STEP 5 - Click “Finish Configuring” – fill out the last form and submit the design for our review.

What happens next?

Once you submit your design to us for review, we instantly receive this information. Our design technician will use the required components from our drawing library in a CAD design package, resize them to your dimensions, and align them in a set accordingly.
The designer will verify that all component dimensions, materials, and colours make sense and work together. If not, they will suggest changes, and will create renders (this is going to be fun) to help you visualize your furniture.
We'd like to make it clear that nothing gets built until we confirm every detail with you. We will show you your design, rendered in scale according to your dimensions, materials, and colour, and only when you approve will we start building. Even then, we will stay in contact with you to further verify things. We are working with you throughout the entire process! We promise! In most cases, simple email (or a phone call) correspondence is sufficient.

If you changed you mind and want to cancel this design or decided to change the selection, it is not a problem at all! Just send an email to let us know or write us a comment in the Note box if you are submitting a revised design. We welcome your ideas! So please, experiment away!
If the design is complex, we are happy to come to you in order to discuss/measure in person.