ELINIC Built in Ontario
Elinic kitchen doors refinishing and replacement.

Very often your actual cabinets are in OK shape and just refreshing the doors will make the kitchen look like new. And you spend ten times less :-) Cabinets can also be painted inside with very good results.

So if the doors are made of good wood but they are just worn and outdated it makes sense to sand them and spray the new finish, for example, solid colour paint with clear protective coat is very popular now.

And if your doors are old and scratched melamine but the cabinets are OK we can offer very nice flat veneered(oak, maple, cherry or walnut) doors that we would cut exactly to match your current ones and finish them to your choice of stain and lacquer.
We will install new hinges and of course...we will offer to replace the handles with new and modern!!!

Show us what you have - we will try to help.

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These were old oak doors - like new after refinish and with new handles